Our Services
Non-Destructive Testing ( Inspection, Training & Examination Services )
Our Services
Conventional NDT Services such as Radiographic Testing, Gamma / X-ray Crawler Ultrasonic Testing , Surface NDT Methods, Advanced NDT such as UTPA, TOFD, ECA on various projects including Power, Utility, Oil & Gas, marine, Petrochemical, Building & Construction is provided by our dedicated team of Inspectors
  1. NDT Services
    We Provide all types of Non- Destructive Test. We perform testing on Steels, Aluminum and other Metallic Materials on cast, forged, wrought & Welded components.. Basically the following are the Testing provided on your demand Radiographic Testing - Gamma Ray & X-ray Ultrasonic Flaw Detection, thickness gauging & surface NDT
  2. Training Services
    We Provide Intensive Training & Qualification for NDT in accordance with SNT-TC-1A of ASNT & ISO 9712. Authorized Examination Centre for RTC Testing & Diagnostics accredited by UKAS
  3. Field Inspection Services
    Provide Inspection Engineer ,Chartered Engineers/ Consultants to Inspect the petroleum, Refinery, & other chemical plants during shut down , maintenance period & produce professional report. Risk assessment etc. We also Conduct Welder qualification & Procedure Qualification for your needs
  4. PCN Examination Services
    Visit www.wensdubai.com below for details and download the applicable forms for exams & training
  5. ISO 9712 Examination Services
    Visit www.wenstraining.com below for details and download the applicable forms for exams & training as applicable.